Author: Ben Tyger

  • Enabling PCI Passthru on Proxmox 7.x

    Enabling PCI Passthru with Proxmox 7.x I am virtualizing my pfSense CE machine onto Proxmox 7.x (7.4 currently). Here are the steps I took to accomplish this. I am using the Proxmox installation and not installing proxmox over an existing Debian installation. This changes how the kernel parameters are updated. All screenshots are taken in […]

  • Adding NUT Monitoring support to ESXi

    Here is a quick and dirty How-To to enable NUT ( This is a quick rewrite of the French version written by the NUT VIB author.  Security Warning In order to install the ESXi VIB for NUT support, you have to enable unsigned VIBs to be installed. This is open-source software and you can view […]